Not-so-deep Thoughts

Nearly a year after partially tearing my Achilles, I still have trouble walking up more than a flight or two of stairs. Ironic that I tore it running stairs …

Overheard a guy at the public market yesterday telling his friend a story. All I caught was “I said, ‘can I hold the baby while you two fight?’” At least there was one person with common sense in the group.

Heard someone use the word “carriage” when referring to a shopping cart. That’s the second time in the five months I’ve been in Boston.

Going to have to work pretty hard to top last weekend: mini-cupcakes at work, Little Shop of Horrors, a Friendly’s sundae, my first-ever cannoli, a free sailboat ride on Boston Harbor, Zombie March, pictures of kids playing in a water fountain and on a carousel, public market, and more photos of some cool architecture. And somehow, I found time to pick through a few hundred records to add 15 or so to my collection.

Thinking about making my boss a cake for his birthday this weekend, but fear that would look too much like kissing up.

Anybody else notice New Englanders pronounce “deer” as “deah,” and “idea” as “idear”?

One of the best train rides I’ve had in a while: guitarist playing “Stairway” on the red line.

I really need to find someone in this town who’ll cut my hair.

What do you think?

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