Scenes from a Public Market

Spent a few hours Sunday wandering around South Boston; visited the SoWa Open Market, the SoWa Vintage Market, a Puerto Rican street fair and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. All provided photo opportunities, with the exception of the street fair. The schedule of events said the “pole climbing contest” started at 1; we left the nearly-empty venue a little before 2, with no sign of entertainment in sight. Had some good food, though. Here are some of the things we saw:


Lots of sunflowers for sale. Sunflowers always make me think of fall, so maybe this is a good sign that the temperatures will start headed downward soon.


Mmmmm, chocolate ice cream. I just missed getting a really good pic of this little girl. She started waving the full spoon around and dripping all over herself. Then her mother interfered and started cleaning her up with a napkin. Silly mother, couldn’t she see I was trying to make art? (and so was little Red, for that matter).


Necklaces at the Vintage Market. That blue one in the middle? Lives at my house now.


Glassware at the Vintage Market.


Another glass bowl at the Vintage Market.



Lastly, two shots inside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

All-in-all, a good day. I hope yours is good, as well.

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