Travel Theme: Signs

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love signs – particularly the odd/ironic/grammatically incorrect kind. So, I was very happy to see Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week. I’m a bit late to the party, but I have much to contribute! Ailsa came up with the idea during one of several cross-country trips recently, as she moved from New York to Seattle. Just a year ago, I was making a very similar move in the opposite direction – Eastern Oregon to New York. It’s a vast country we have here, and there are a lot of funny signs. I have too many for one post but these are my favorites from that cross-country drive. I will apologize in advance for the quality of some of them – most were taken from behind the buggy windshield of a 26-foot Penske truck!


What Cheer. Is that sarcasm, or are they serious? Should we go there and find out, or is this a ploy to lure us in so the zombies can murder us and eat our brains?


I love that there’s a National Heritage Area dedicated to silos and smokestacks. And it’s not even in Detroit! Some Congressman earned his salary making this happen.


In case your mother forgot to warn you.


I very much regret not having my camera at the ready when we entered Wyoming and saw the sign proclaiming “Fireworks and Liquor Store.” Sooo many possibilities for destruction. The sign above allows for fewer possibilities, but with dedication, we can make it happen.


I realize that in the midwest, cornhole tournaments are A Thing, but that doesn’t make middle-school-me giggle any less.


Chagrin Boulevard is three-quarters of a mile away, but if you take the exit, you may regret it.


It’s a long, hard road.

Most of these photos were taken in the Nebraska/Iowa/Indiana/Ohio area; Hard Road is outside Rochester, NY. Next time I move across the country, I’ll take better notes with my sign photos, I promise.

What silly signs have you seen? Do you have pictures to share?

6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Signs

    • I must not spend enough time visiting prisons – this is the first one I remember seeing. My mother made it quite clear that all hitchhikers were going to cut me into little bits, so no signs are needed!

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