First Shot With my New Camera!

After two long and grueling weeks, I’ve finally replaced my sad, broken camera with a New and Improved Model. Now With More Megapixels! Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present without further adieu, the first image from the new camera.


Shot this evening at World’s End, in Hingham, Mass.

Travel Theme: Texture

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is texture. If you haven’t, you should go over there and check it out! I love shooting textures, so this one was fun for me. Of course, I am still without camera, so these are all from my archives, but here are a few of my favorites.


A shell on the beach in Houghs Neck.


Sand on the beach in Houghs Neck.


Weathered hand rail on the stairs from the beach up to sea level, Houghs Neck.

Naturally, there are many more photos I could post, but I’ll give you all a break and stop.

Travel Challenge: Red

Broken camera be damned. I have an entry for this week’s travel challenge! The challenge is red, and I’m going with something a little less obvious this week.


This photo was shot a couple years ago, at the every-five-years Jaialdi festival in Boise, Idaho. The festival celebrates all the wonderful things about the Basque culture. This girl was waiting for her dance troupe’s turn to perform.

Death of a Camera

I would like to announce that my camera has died a spectacular death. But I cannot. Its death was quick and painless, as near as I can tell. One minute, I was shooting, the next – Error 99. But that’s an easy fix! Change lenses! Clean the contacts! Change batteries! Uh, maybe try a new SD card? I don’t know. There’s nothing left. Guys at the repair shop, after verifying that I’d done all of the above (kind of like when you call IT at work. If you haven’t restarted, checked the plugs and cleaned the mouse, don’t bother to call), decided they had to send the camera off to Canon for a Big Repair.

I have now been without a working camera for just over a week (10 days, if anyone’s counting). It’ll be gone for about three more weeks. Commence withdrawal symptoms.