Death of a Camera

I would like to announce that my camera has died a spectacular death. But I cannot. Its death was quick and painless, as near as I can tell. One minute, I was shooting, the next – Error 99. But that’s an easy fix! Change lenses! Clean the contacts! Change batteries! Uh, maybe try a new SD card? I don’t know. There’s nothing left. Guys at the repair shop, after verifying that I’d done all of the above (kind of like when you call IT at work. If you haven’t restarted, checked the plugs and cleaned the mouse, don’t bother to call), decided they had to send the camera off to Canon for a Big Repair.

I have now been without a working camera for just over a week (10 days, if anyone’s counting). It’ll be gone for about three more weeks. Commence withdrawal symptoms.

3 thoughts on “Death of a Camera

    • That last comment makes me sound far more spoiled/selfish than I actually am. I’ve been saving for a new/better camera, thinking I’d buy it after the first of the year. This horrible happening made me speed up the process. With a sketchy company. Which makes me fear for my credit rating.

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