Silly Holiday Decorating Traditions

Speaking of silly decorating traditions made me think of my childhood. Every Christmas, my mother would purchase my sister, brothers and me new underwear, which we opened on Christmas Eve. At some point, one of us decided to drape our new underwear over the decorated tree, and the others followed suit. Each year after that, as soon as someone opened their gift of underwear, up it went on the tree. There are photos of this somewhere, but I doubt my dad would be too excited about searching the albums for me.

As soon as the photos were taken, Mom insisted that the underwear come down, so she could have her nicely-decorated tree back, but we had a lot of fun “decorating” it our way.

Did your parents give you underwear for Christmas? Anyone else’s mom grab the wrong box when buying them, and give her 8-year-old son thong underwear (which he wore!)? What embarrassing or silly gifts have you given or received in your life?


The horse looked hungry, so I gave it an apple.


ABC gingerbread men (and women). ABC = Already Been Chewed. Yes, I am a full grown adult and not a middle schooler, why do you ask?

What do you think?

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