Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

This week’s Photo Challenge asks that we share our year in pictures. Of course, I only started this blog in May, and since I have only posted one photo in December, I have just six months to share with you, but these are the photos I believe to be the best of those posted during each month since May.


There were many photos I loved in May, but this shot of a mama goose and her five babies was so serene, that I had to select it as the best of the month.


The reflection of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston. This photo was shot in March, but posted on my blog in June, thus it is June’s photo choice.


This photo is July’s choice, largely because it is confusing to many people. My husband and I created a book of our photography, and when we show it to people, this is the photo they typically stop on, stumped as to what it could be. For the record, it’s a boat, in the water, with the water reflecting off the boat. Boat’s on the left, water’s on the right.


This photo’s even better in black and white. August.


On my way between meetings (with no time to spare), I spotted a sign that read “sunflower farm.” I couldn’t resist, and was rewarded with September’s pick.


Aerosmith came to play a free concert in the street a couple blocks from my office. A great experience, and October’s photo choice.


An image from a war memorial. Moving experience, and November’s pick.


It appears I’ve only posted one photo from December, so instead of it (even though I like it better), you get this one. The reflection of our table runner on my daughter’s laptop. If you don’t like that as December’s photo, perhaps you’ll prefer this one:


I hope you enjoy, and everyone has a wonderful new year!

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