Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This week’s Photo Challenge is more difficult for me, because I am far away from my home, and because I wanted to find photos that expressed the feeling of home, more than the brick and mortar house which I call home. People make a place a home, and my daughter is one of the most important people to me.

Here she is, goofing off with kids she was coaching in baseball.


The coach in action:


My daughter and I have called this softball field our second home for many years. High fives for us both!


Kids, after their game, running through the sprinklers. The essence of home.



These were all shot just a couple weeks before I left home and moved across the country. I have yet to find a community that feels like home, or a place (other than work) that is my home away from home. Until I do, I’ll keep dreaming of the day I can return with my daughter to our softball field!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. I’ve coached my daughter’s softball team for the last few years and I am always looking back at the old photos. I really enjoy reflecting on just how much my girls have grown over the past seasons. I haven’t given it any thought, until now, of how I will feel when I don’t have my girls.
    Your post has given me that tiny view into my future but it didn’t scare me. The photo of your daughter coaching shows me that maybe my daughter or my other sluggers may carry some of me with them. Your daughter does what you did because she loves what you love. You can’t take the softball field with you but you can take that.
    I hope you find the home you are looking for. Until then you can take comfort that the one you left behind is be protected by a little girl with a big bat.

    • I miss the world of competitive softball, but after going back to our “roots,” and helping my daughter coach a group of 6 and 7-year-olds, I realized, once again, that softball is about the joy. Kids laughing, smiling, enjoying each other, and occasionally hitting a ball.
      I don’t think your future is scary at all. If your daughter loves softball, she’ll find a way to stay involved. Mine is working on getting certified to umpire, so we can still go to games and watch her, she’ll just play a different role. Though heckling the umpire will be a lot more fun now. 🙂
      Yours are wise words. Thank you for them.

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