Travel Theme: Mountains

I don’t have a lot of photos of mountains, so I had to get creative this week with Ailsa’s Travel Theme. A couple weeks ago, everyone in Boston had to dig out from under a “mountain” of snow (insert guffaws here). We were lucky, because despite living near the water, we were not affected by flooding, unlike some of our southern neighbors. It almost made the 30 inches of snow, and howling wind, tolerable (almost). To see more, visit Ailsa’s page. For more pictures of the wonderful (cough) snow, I have posts here: and here.


We got another 8 inches last weekend, and they’re promising 6-ish for this coming weekend. I see a lot more gray photos in my future! Stop ruining my plans to shoot Chinese New Year events, Mother Nature!


2 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Mountains

  1. I think creativity on a theme is what makes them so unique, but it did earn a healthy GUFFAW! ;oD I LOVE how you captured the sun in the last one…actually, it’s the opposite of grey! It bounces off the snow and shows the swirly-twirlies so well! Applause!

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