A Word A Week: Industrial

Went through the archives for a photo that met this week’s criteria for the Word A Week challenge. This time, it’s an image I didn’t make. A year and a half ago, Hubby and I were wandering around High Falls in Rochester, NY, which is an area that is being reclaimed by the yuppies. It was an old flour mill area, presumably that’s why there’s a falls in the middle of it – so the mills could use the running water in their operations. Now, it has several breweries, restaurants and abandoned buildings.
Back to the story. We were wandering around, shooting pictures, when a boy, about 11, came up and began talking to us. Asking questions, suggesting that Hubby would get a really good photo if he climbed over the barrier, jumped down the cliff, and took a picture as he was headed down. “I’m not recommending it …” says the boy. He was a hoot. At some point, I decided to give him my camera and let him shoot. This is a shot of his, which I believe says “industrial.” It’s the Kodak building, on the left, where the magic was made, and a smokestack from one of the shut-down mills on the right and slightly in front. I regret not getting information from the boy so I could send him copies of the images he made. Some are good, many are very interesting, others, just a lot of fun. We had a good time that afternoon, and I hope he did, as well.

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