Travel Theme: Roads

This week, Ailsa’s Travel Theme, over at her blog, Where’s My Backpack, invites us to share photographs of roads. Once again, I’ll stick with the literal, for the most part.

First, a picture of my husband, his camera and tripod, on a walking path (not a road, per se), deeper into the bright leaves of an upstate New York autumn.


The next photo is of a road less-traveled, the Historic Columbia River Highway, which is parallel to Interstate 84 in Oregon, and passes right by Multnomah Falls. My daughter and I spent a week traveling around Western Oregon in the spring of 2010; though we’d been to the Falls many times, we had never driven the historic road. This is just one stop along the way.



4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Roads

  1. Oh, I’ve been both places (not the exact path hubby’s on), but cool! Last year on the way from visiting family in Portland, we drove home on the WA side, also…SUCH a treat!!! For some reason, I can’t explain why, the pic of hubby conjures up loneliness. It’s a beautiful pic, and I could get “solitary” or “contemplative,” but I get lonely. I wonder why??? Isn’t it interesting? Nice work!!

    • Hubby is just north and a little east (I think) of Rochester. We always stick with I-84 for the Eastern Oregon-to-Portland trip. I’ve often wished we would stop for a wine tasting on the Washington side, but I am sure Hubby’s afraid I would never leave. Hmm, do you suppose “lonely” comes out because the photo’s a bit dark? Are you sure you’re not feeling, “Dude, slow down, can’t you see I’m limping back here?” 😉

    • I often take pictures of him while he’s lining up photographs. I imagine them in the same frame – his photo, and my photo of him making the photo. 🙂 So far, he disagrees with me. He’s always complaining that I photograph his bald spot.

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