A Word A Week Challenge – Music

I have many (typically poor quality) images of people making music which I could have shown for this week’s Word a Week Challenge, but, missing home, I have gone back into my archives for photos from Jaialdi 2010, a Basque festival held in Boise, Idaho. Talented festival-goers had set up outside to play their accordions and tambourines, while others gathered around and danced. It was a beautiful sight, and everyone had a blast.



The third photo, just because I can. Early summer of 2011, just two months before I moved away, and as I was inching toward a year of unemployment, I won (WON!) two tickets to see Sir Elton John in concert. I’d never have been able to justify paying to see the show, and it was amazing. My daughter and I had a blast.


11 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge – Music

  1. First, I would LOVE to see Elton in concert! Soooo cool you did that with your daughter. Isn’t live music just divine???

    I have been to that festival (2008, tho)! It blows my mind there is such a Basque population in Idaho. Idaho, I tells ya! Even though we were there different years, I am going to imagine I walked past you and we shared a smile!

    Once again, excellent photos, my pal!

    • Elton was the best thing ever. I knew my daughter would love it, too, which is why I didn’t even think about asking my husband to go. 🙂 Now I’m wondering where I sign up to win Stones tickets when they’re in Boston this summer …

      There was no Jaialdi in Boise in 2008 – it started as a one-time thing (1987, I want to say – that was at the Old Penitentiary, and soo much fun), and then in 1990, it came back, and now it happens every five years. The in-between years, Boise still hosts the Basque picnic, which might be where you were in 2008. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure I saw you there, too. 😉

      • Oh you are right. It was the basque picnic. Sorry I confused them! Scenes looked similar! Wooo hooo! And it was not at the old Idaho Pen (that’s one of my favorite “museums” by the way).

        • The picnic’s usually at Ann Morrison Park, if I recall correctly. It’s been a while since I’ve been to one of them. They’re all great opportunities to see relatives I haven’t seen in a long time, though!

  2. Heh heh — “…just because I can.” I LOVE that.

    There’s a Basque enclave in Boise, Idaho? (Or at least enough Basque people to warrant a festival.) I love that, too.

    • 🙂 Not that I was showing off, or anything. But maybe a little.

      There are a lot of Basques in the Treasure Valley, which is southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon. The tiny town of Jordan Valley, Oregon, is crawling with ’em. There are also enclaves in Nevada, near Reno, I believe, and someplace near Sacramento, Calif. One or two men would come over from the Basque country and settle, then go back for wives, children and brothers, and they’d all settle in the same area. There were a couple of Basque boarding houses in Boise that were very popular way back when.

      • Boise has the largest Basque population outside of Europe. Bakersfield, California is full of Basques, too, and they really have the eats there. LOTS of Basque restaurants.

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