Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Color – so many options! This week’s photo challenge is to share a picture which puts color center-stage. “A” picture. So naive, these Word Press bloggers. As if I could ever limit myself to a single picture.


Cherry blossom buds, waiting, waiting …


To explode in glorious pinks, made even brighter by the early morning sun.


Magnolia blossoms, reaching for the blue sky.


Brightly colored origami at the Quincy Lunar New Year celebration.


Chrysanthemum, enjoying the fall sun.


A weed. I don’t know what sort of weed, just that it was beautiful, with its reds and yellows magnified by the afternoon sun.

That’s my take on the theme for the week. I’d love to see yours, as well.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

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