A Word A Week Challenge: Old

This week, Sue’s dictionary fell open to the word “Old,” and now we are challenged with finding photographs that fit the theme.

So, because my mother’s birthday would have been Sunday, I’ll start with an old photo of her from around 1947:


Next, a bit of detail from an old light fixture inside the Smithsonian Castle:


Last two are faces of our elders. There is wisdom that comes with the years.



4 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Old

  1. I love this post, for soooo many reasons, so very very much! That pic of you mom…look how happy she is, with her big toothie smile! I am in love with the world and hope North Korea gets it figured out.

    • My mom was always a smiler. I wish I knew who took some of these photos of her from her childhood – it couldn’t have been my Grandma, since she always cut off people’s heads, or the left side of the frame. 🙂
      Ugh. North Korea. You really do have to wonder what’s going on there.

  2. Great post! I have been contemplating the word a week photo challenge and it’s so helpful to see how you brought together such diverse images that all work so well together…

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