National Sibling Day

Apparently, yesterday was National Sibling Day, and none of my siblings like me enough to let me know that such a thing existed. Possibly because they’ve never heard of it, either. But, there it is, a Real Thing, because the internet said so, and the internet never lies. I happen to have three siblings. My sister and I came first, then six years later, the first of two boys. My mom used to say, “I had the babysitters, and then I had the babies!”

I will tell you that we all got along smashingly, and were incredibly well-behaved. It’s my blog, and I can say whatever I want. I think the fact that Dad only made good on his threat to pull the car over and make us bend over and grab our ankles ONE TIME is evidence enough of our good behavior. I mean, if we weren’t behaving, the pulling over would have happened more often, right? It couldn’t be that Dad was just as embarrassed as we were by the whole process.

But, enough about myself and my perfectly behaved, well-groomed siblings. I wrote this post to share a picture of my mother, her brother and sister, and their favorite cousin, Carol. My mom, naturally, is the cute one.


26 thoughts on “National Sibling Day

      • Ha… no they were my sisters.. lucky for me my younger sis’s bday is just a few weeks after hers and after she forgets mine I always remember hers.. and my oldest sister’s birthday is sept 6 (the day school started) so that’s always remembered.. I might win by default..

  1. Oh my…you mart-sass! Thanks for the smile. I KNOW you have to have been well-behaved…I mean LOOK at that mama!!! Thanks for yet another lovely pic (and glimpse into your dark-sibling-past). ;o0

  2. A few weeks ago, my youngest said we needed to start a Brother’s Day. I was telling a friend about it and she told me there was a sibling’s day. I thought she was kidding, but now I see it’s true. My kids decided Brother’s Day should be in September and we still have to pick the day but they’re really looking forward to it!

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