A Few Historical Inaccuracies

As you may have heard, Monday was a holiday in Massachusetts. Not, as some would have you believe, a holiday to celebrate the Boston Marathon, but that is certainly one way many people celebrate. In actuality, Monday was Patriots Day (also, not in celebration of the New England Patriots, as many believe), a celebration of the Battles at Lexington and Concord which began the Revolutionary War (it was actually April 19, but it’s celebrated on the third Monday, and the day off for most workers helps clear the streets for marathon runners/observers).

Many people begin their day with a 5 a.m. commemoration and re-enactment in Lexington, but we are not insane, and settled for the re-enactment of the North Bridge Battle outside Concord, a little later in the morning.

As we found ourselves at Minuteman National Park, watching the group re-enact the North Bridge Fight, we were impressed by the care participants took with their costumes to ensure historical accuracy. Unfortunately, not all of the participants remained “in character” until they were off-stage.


Cell phones were all the rage in Revolutionary War times. That story you heard about Paul Revere? Pish. He just sent a blast text and went back to his PlayStation.


Before Starbucks and Dunkin’, coffee was served in black, logo-free cups.


Walkie-talkies, for the soldiers who were on AT&T, and didn’t have service at this location.


Ear plugs, obviously were part of any soldier’s equipment.


Even the Redcoats have AT&T.


Keeping in touch with the Minutemen, so she’d know when to bring sandwiches to the battlefield.


8 thoughts on “A Few Historical Inaccuracies

  1. Why does Betsy get to bring the sandwiches to the hungry “pretend-fighting” men? I want Colonel Angus to visit me while I sew up a flag! #YouCanDeleteThisIfYouWant

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