A Little Good News

There’s been so much tragedy all over the world this week, I can’t even begin to express how badly I feel for the people involved. Instead, I’m going to try to bring a little light to my readers. Flowers! It’s finally spring, flowers are blooming, and there is beauty to be found in unlikely places. I challenge you to look for some beauty, as well.


I do not know what type of flower this is. They were very small, mixed in among the grass at Minuteman National Park near Concord, Mass.



Spent a couple hours wandering downtown Quincy last night, and made the above image of a magnolia blossom from a tree between City Hall and a small cemetery where many Revolutionary War soldiers are buried. The image below is from a cherry blossom tree in front of city hall, in the last light of the day.


I hope your day is blooming with beauty.

6 thoughts on “A Little Good News

    • The sun’s out, flowers are blooming – just trying to focus on the positive. I was disappointed by the cherry blossoms in Quincy. Last year, they were so much fuller and brighter. Maybe I was a day too early. I should definitely go back tonight and try again! 🙂

    • There are daffodils blooming by the front door. I’ll have to peek out the window every so often to look at them. 🙂 Plus, take Chloe’s suggestion about bathing in chocolate. I keep looking on the bright side – my office is in the “lock-down” area, so shut down today (a day off!), and my house is clear on the other side of town. So theoretically, I could go outside and wander around, if I really felt the need.

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