Springtime Flowers!

We spent several hours at Arnold Arboretum today, taking pictures and people-watching. I’ll start off slow – two of my favorite pictures of the day. Now, all you have to do is tell me which you like better (and why), and guess what the flower is!


Imageflowers, photography, Arnold Arboretum, Boston

13 thoughts on “Springtime Flowers!

  1. I like the second one because I like the crispness of the center petals and the way they are clustered together but you can see the individuality of the petals. And it looks like a dandelion to me !

  2. I like the second one. I like the focus on the tippie-center, ignoring the grand tendrils around it! I am not reading comments, so you might have already said…but I think it’s a chrysanthemum.

    • Did you delete your other comment? I loved it. I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t read it to Hubby. BTW, the “bitch” is a thing my sis and I do – at one point, her hubby called her that, and was stunned that he was in trouble. “But you and your sister call each other that all the time!” Uh, yeah.

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