Happy Birthday to Us!

WordPress tells me today is I Did it for Johnny’s first birthday! What a year it’s been, with me writing and nobody reading; me sharing pictures, and more people taking notice, because reading is work, and looking at pictures isn’t. 🙂 To celebrate, I think we should have a cake.


Nothing says Happy First Birthday like rainbows, unicorns and the Loch Ness Monster! But if that’s not your style, have some of this:


Double chocolate cake, ganache filling and ganache frosting. Melts in your mouth. Not a chocolate fan? Fine:


Eat some Rubik’s Cube. Unless you’re more the wild party type:


No chickens were injured in the baking of this cake. If you prefer something more traditional, this one might be up your alley:


Have some cake and celebrate with us! Not that we need a reason, really.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

    • Hahaha, that’s awesome. In fact, my daughter has requested that cake, if we’re ever together on her birthday again! The cake I made yesterday was almost one for CakeWrecks. Me: “OMG, the cake says ‘Happy Birtday!” Hubby: “What did you want it to say?”

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