6 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend

  1. NO apologies, my dear! Holy COW those are absolutely breathtaking. I am sorry my sunny weekend meant a rainy one for you…old movies and board games, perhaps? Or did “the family” get a nice, sound beating? LOL!

    • OK, so sarcasm doesn’t translate well. I wasn’t ACTUALLY apologizing! Though I had higher hopes for the purple one. What I saw in my viewfinder was better than what showed up on the computer. 🙂 We had a good weekend – watched a couple movies, got caught up on a couple TV shows, Hubby ironed shirts for the next month, and we escaped to Maine for a day to visit a lighthouse, which was a little cool and windy, but fun. Unfortunately, we stopped at a restaurant in Portsmouth, NH, and as we were leaving noticed a picture of the restaurant staff all dressed in the gear of my college’s arch-nemesis. If I’d seen it when we walked in, we’d have walked out. And here it was, too late to dine and dash. That would have showed them.

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