Travel Theme: Costume

This week, bloggy friend Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has chosen “costumes” as her theme for the week. I went literal, so here are some of my favorite costumes from recent months.


From Boston’s Make Way for Ducklings parade.


Patriot’s Day re-enactors, taking their job very seriously.


They also take their costume details very seriously.


I have no idea what was going on here. This was the Caribbean Carnival in Mattapan last summer.


After a zombie run in Boston. Do zombies run? I thought they sort of lumbered …

Also, linky goodness to one of my favorite photos from the zombie run, a person in a Jesus costume (because “Jesus was the first zombie!” he said).

6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Costume

    • You’ve been busy today! I love to dress up, too. I’m always the person in the office who makes a costume for Halloween and wears it all day in the office. Not here, though. The folks here are very serious and would not be amused. 😦 I agree that kid was adorable. But to chicks have big enough brains to attract zombies? I mean, the Harvard band was playing at the event, so wouldn’t zombies prefer Harvard students’ large brains?

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