RIP, Blue Bug

We had a good run. It seems like just yesterday that I drove you home from the dealership, all shiny and new, then to my former workplace, so I could rub it in my former co-workers’ faces that I now had a job that allowed me to buy pretty things (it’s not my fault – they could leave, too, if they wanted to!). Image

We taught two teenagers to drive (only one of whom actually tried to kill us all), spent a year with a 6-foot German girl folded into the back seat, and you cradled my grandmother while I drove her to the ER after she fell and hit her head.

And now, the guy at the repair shop has the nerve to say repairs will cost more than $2,000 and that you’re “not worth it.” Has he met you?

You patiently and without complaint allowed me to afix flowery brake light covers and magnetic flowers and peace signs to you (I didn’t know it would make you look like a Barbie car, I swear!); you seemed to enjoy it when softball players piled in, tossed their bags in the back, and asked you to take them all over the Northwest for tournaments. Image

You drove me to the urgent care while I sat in the driver’s seat, bent over in pain from kidney stones, and even went willingly to college with my daughter, when I needed to use her automatic transmission car, after I tore my Achilles and couldn’t use a clutch.

We’ve been together for 14 years, through thick and thin, happy and sad times, but it’s time to say good-bye, my friend. Because while I disagree with the mechanic’s assessment that you’re “not worth it,” my checkbook is squarely on his side. It’s nothing personal, but it’s time.


8 thoughts on “RIP, Blue Bug

  1. Oh, I am sorry to hear of your loss. Some poor college kid will surely find this “the gem of the century.” I ran the wheels off my Geo Prizm so hard that the dealership wouldn’t even take it as a trade-in. :o( Buuummmer!

  2. Hahah, don’t forget all the kids I taught to drive a stick in the bug that you didn’t know about.

    Ok, it was just Amy. But that was traumatizing enough. There are still skidmarks on the driveway of our old house from her.

    Oh, and all the times we tried to cram as many people as possible in the car, starting in middle school. I think we got at 8 or 10 in there when we were smaller, but I don’t think you allowed us to use the trunk.

  3. Aw, I had the same experience with my old Corolla FX; for 15 years it never let me down, and then one day it was just done. I ended up donating it. I actually cried when it was towed — towed! — away.

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