U-Pick Strawberries

If you’ve never gone out to a farm and picked your own fruit or vegetables, it’s something you should do. Hubby and I both grew up in farm country, so heading out to an orchard, strawberry farm, etc., is nothing new. And in the west, blackberries grow wild, so stake out your spot early (we found a blackberry patch here, too, but don’t tell anyone. We hate competition).

Today’s harvest was strawberries. 45 minutes to pick 27 pounds, and the rest of the day to make jam, pie, and freeze whole berries. Totally worth it, because now we have Christmas gifts already made for our co-workers!



2 thoughts on “U-Pick Strawberries

    • I will definitely think of you when I sink my teeth into their juicy goodness. 🙂 Had strawberry jam on toast for breakfast, and it was great. Now, waiting for blueberries to ripen!

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