Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

I am nostalgic for a great many things, which doesn’t necessarily mean I want to be back at that time and place again, but there is something about that time that brings me back. This week, our challenge is to show, in photos, things, people, or places for which we’re nostalgic.


From age 5 through age 19, my daughter and I hung out at softball fields. Family and friends joined us, and the parents of teammates on her traveling squad became family, as well. Plus, as we like to point out, she was little and cute then.


Less little and cute here, but still, great times.


Those days when the biggest crisis facing the child was why Emma didn’t want to play soccer with her, or whether the “popular girls” were going to be nice to her at school on any given day.


My PEZ collection, which I left in Oregon when we moved across the country (you didn’t see that one coming, did you?).


The days when we shared every holiday (and many Sundays and other days) with family. It’d be nice to have just one more holiday with my mom and grandma (of course, I wouldn’t want to stop at one …).


Bickering with my sister about who got to be the girl (she ALWAYS got to be the girl!! It’s so NOT FAIR!).


And while I’m one of the few for whom high school was a whole lot of fun (though my senior prom was NOT), I must say, the thing I most wish I could revisit from those days is my figure. Just look at that girl! 😉

Do you suffer from nostalgia? Anything from the way-back years you’d like to go back and do differently? Join the fun here, and/or comment below!





16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

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    • Your pic brought out some great memories. Just think, I could have told stories about riding in my friend’s Bug in high school – many of which contain the phrase “I could have been killed!” 😉

    • I didn’t technically give it up, it’s waiting for me on the other side of the country. 🙂 Couldn’t bring it with, since our house is much smaller here, but one of these days, we’ll be reunited.

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