Hubby came home Monday with a new macro lens, so we took it for a test drive. I spent some time shooting a butterfly, and was amazed that it never moved, even though I was right in its face. After a few minutes, the  neighbor’s dogs came over to say hello, and one of them brushed against the butterfly, which took two or three steps on its leaf, but didn’t fly away.

Last night, the neighbor brought me a gift: the dead butterfly. She found it in the road when she was walking her dogs, and since I’d seemed so interested in it (the neighbors think we’re strange, with our cameras and frequent long stops to stare at things), she brought it to me. I guess I’ll have to take some time and practice shooting a dead, very still butterfly. This was Monday’s best photo.


7 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. Nice photo…but sorry to hear of your loss! Our neighbors think we are bonkers, too! Although in our case, they are dead-wrong! Can’t speak 100% in your case. ROTFLMAO.

    • Bonkers may just about sum it up. I just wish they’d stop having police officers follow us around. It’s a little nerve-wracking. Once, the officer stopped to chat – “what are you taking pictures of?” But Monday, in an unmarked SUV, he just followed us on our walk, for 45 minutes. Is there really no crime in Boston he should be attending to?

      • You are kidding, right? Oh my gawd…and I thought I had it rough. Our neighbors sit on their porch, which is sweet, but somehow the acoustics on our house bounce everything they are saying right at us; as if they were talking through a megaphone…it’s not pleasant hearing what the neighbors think of you. And your yard. And your hairstyle…but I will NEVER complain again!!!!

        • I wish I was kidding. Hubby had someone chase him off the sidewalk once. I just told him to always be prepared to show people the photos he’s been taking (a huge benefit of digital), in case we’re accused of looking into a teenager’s bedroom window or something. Your neighbors sound both funny and annoying. I’d hate being able to hear them, but as long as you have to listen to them, it’s nice that you can understand what they’re saying. I’d come back with, “Honey, I think this spot in the yard (right in neighbor’s sight line) is the best place for that broken-down washing machine, don’t you?” “Are the thistles we planted coming up yet?” “You know, I was thinking about dying my hair purple, with green stripes.” Have some fun with it!

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