Word A Week Challenge: Unexpected

This week’s theme over at A Word in Your Ear is “unexpected.” Too bad I didn’t read Sue’s blog before I posted this, because it definitely fit the theme. I’m not sure whether the photo I chose fits better under the category, “unexpected,” or “smart-azz.”


Funny, either way.

8 thoughts on “Word A Week Challenge: Unexpected

  1. That shirt makes a statement you either love or hate it, not sure I would publicize it

    I’m inviting you to our Monday photo link-ups called Travel Photo Mondays, come and join us with your beautiful imagery

  2. Oh my. LOVE IT! In NYC a few years ago I saw a shirt that said in HUGE block letters: EFF YOU YOU EFFING EFF (only the real words). I would never wear it in public, but it had me ROLLING with laughter. The street vendor spoke a different language, but he understood laughter. I’ll never forget him pulling it down and pushing it at me, all the while laughing (it is contagious). Oh, what a night shirt it is…I wonder why my hubby wakes up each morning and asks me if I still love him, first thing? LOL! Thanks for a lovely memory!!!

    • Oh, wow, that shirt is amazing! It sounds like something I need to give my brother. If only he understood the difference between things one wears to visit one’s sister, and things one wears to the grocery store. Well, I’m sure he understands, he just doesn’t care. I hope when Hubby asks, you reassure him that he’s in your top 5 husbands. That’s what I tell mine.

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