10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

        • My issues are more with unfriendly people than anything. Because I have a job, I have exactly two friends in this town (and neither is originally from here). Without a job, there would be none. Our neighbors have made it very clear that they have no wish to get to know outsiders. So that’s fun. There is much beauty here and much to like, but not much that sells it as a good place to live.

          • Ah. It can be so hard to find a niche in a new place; when I moved to San Antonio I would have been the ultimate loner if it weren’t for the job I had. I hear it. You’re not in Boston proper, are you? Like, you’re in Waltham or something?

            • We’re south of Boston, in Quincy, but I work in a northwest part of town, in Brighton. In our particular neighbor, they are fond of saying (in bumper stickers, on Facebook and to your face) that if you weren’t born in that neighborhood, you don’t belong there. So that’s fun.

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