Free Range Cow in Maine

I’ve known for a while that Chloe is a cow who gets around, but I was stunned, stunned I tell you, to find her tasting cheeses in Portland, Maine. Some say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Others say pics or it didn’t happen. That’s right, I caught that cow red-handed and pink-nosed in a Cabot Cheese shop, and here’s the picture to prove it. I bet her family in Idaho will be surprised to discover what Chloe gets up to when they’re not looking!


12 thoughts on “Free Range Cow in Maine

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chloe’s been in Maine! She hasn’t been posting this week, so I wondered what she was up to!!!!!!!! LOL! You just made tears (of happy) spring from my eyes! Reblog. Reblog. Reblog. I am touched and honored. (and also PISSED at Chloe for sneaking out).

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