One Lighthouse, Two Views

The only thing I love more than lighthouses is chocolate. And margaritas. And some other things. But what I’m trying to say is I love when the land around lighthouses lends itself to climbing around to get different angles of said lighthouse. Portland Head in Portland, Maine, is one such lighthouse. Here are two distinctly different angles, shot at sunrise Monday.



8 thoughts on “One Lighthouse, Two Views

  1. Oh boy! You didn’t ask, but I am a bossy cow…I LOVE the way the water was captured on the bottom shot. But I LOVE a land-facing-ocean view of lighthouses, like the top one. So I love them both, equally. I must say, A well-done margarita is worth a punch in the face for; but for me, NOTHING will beat a Reese’s PB martini. To.Kill.For. ;oP

    • I worked very hard to get the water splashing on the rocks. Wasted a lot of pixels. And still Hubby did it better. Darn him. I have a horizontal of the top one that’s less green, more rock. I like it, too. It’s tough to take a photo of a lighthouse that I don’t like.
      Is it sad that my favorite margarita is the pre-mixed Kirkland brand they sell at Costco? Does that cheapen me? I pour it into a bowl and freeze, so I have frozen margs whenever I want (well, mostly. I don’t usually indulge before work, though I often wish I could) and they’re not diluted by ice! Genius, I tells ya.
      Reese’s PB martini. That sounds awful. I’m all for a good chocolate martini, but sullying it with peanut butter? Just. No.

      • “I’m all for a good chocolate martini, but sullying it with peanut butter? Just. No.” SLAP YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!

        No, the premix Margarita’s aren’t what makes you cheap! LOL! If you keep them in your soup mug, they don’t water down, even AT work! ;oP

        Darn hubby. No ‘gritas for him!

        • Well, see, there was some childhood trauma involving peanut butter, so … oh, and mint toothpaste. And Ritz crackers. Worst babysitter ever.

          Tomorrow IS Margarita Friday, so I might have to see whether your theory works. Can I use a coffee mug, or does it have to be a soup mug?

  2. This post was all just an elaborate way of you telling me to get you a chocolate margarita lighthouse for Christmas?

    Well I have news for you, missy:

    I’m too lazy to find one.

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