Fluff Festival

Saturday was the annual Fluff Festival in Somerville, Mass. Like me, many of you are probably wondering what Fluff is (I’d heard of a “fluffernutter,” but I didn’t know what it was until my co-workers enlightened me a few months ago). Fluff is a brand name for what most of us call marshmallow creme. In New England, however, it’s Fluff. Somerville is where Fluff was invented, and its factory currently resides, so it’s only natural that the town would want to celebrate Fluff. This was the eighth annual “What the Fluff?” celebration.


The very Fluff used in the Fluff Jousting competition.


Did somebody say “Fluff Jousting?” So messy, but fun.




Waiting for the next group of jousters.


Marshmallow guns were selling like hotcakes, and the marshmallows all over the roads and sidewalk were their own sort of marshmallow creme on the bottoms of revelers’ shoes.



The Flufferettes with a past Pharoah of Fluff (a Whoopie Pie-rate).


Fluff-licking contest.


A contestant after “Blind Man’s Fluff,” in which teams of two (one blindfolded), make and eat a fluffernutter. In order to win, the teammate whose mouth is full of peanut butter and fluff must sing the Fluff jingle.


2 thoughts on “Fluff Festival

  1. Oh I love this! When I was pregnant with my son, I had major cravings for fluffernutter sandwiches..breakfast, lunch and dinner! My doc finally had to tell me to knock it off as I was packing on too many pounds. I wish I had known of this festival way back then!

    • Sadly, this was only the eighth annual festival, so they weren’t happening when you needed them, if I recall correctly. Maybe that’s actually good news. I craved hot chocolate and Mars bars when I was pregnant. Surprisingly, I also packed on a few pounds.

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