Travel Theme: Height

Ailsa challenges us this week to share photos that show height. My photo could more logically be titled “depth,” but it was taken from quite a height! Hubby and I visited the White Mountains of New Hampshire this weekend, looking for photography subjects. When we returned, I found that I had been the subject of more than one photograph. In this one, we were at Silver Cascade, a waterfall carved deeply into the granite mountain. I studied it for a while, and decided the best option for photography was to climb down as closely as I could to the water. This photo was taken seconds after I looked back up at Hubby, then at the route I’d taken to get to my location. Gulp. “You’ll help me get back up there, right?”

Also, for the record, I did not fall in.


4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Height

    • I can take no credit for it, but I’ll thank you on behalf of the photographer. 🙂 It’s certainly preferable to one he got of me a few weeks ago, which I have named “serial killer.” He thinks the photographer looks “focused, determined.” Sure, determined to kill many people!

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