Capture the Colour 2013

Cee, over at Cee’s Photography, invited me to enter the 2013 Capture the Colour contest over at TravelSupermarket. I love a good challenge, and this time, I doubly challenged myself – I decided to see whether I could find photos representing red, blue, green, yellow and white that weren’t florals. I almost made it. My green photo’s a flower, but the image was so much better than any I could find that fit the “green” theme. So, without further adieu, my images for this challenge.


A woman waiting at a bus stop in Copley Square, Boston, Mass. Summer, 2013.



Two Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins, frolicking somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Spring, 2013.



A sunflower, outside Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Summer, 2012.



A participant in the Duckling Parade, Boston Common. Spring, 2013



Snow stuck to a lightpost during Winter Storm Nemo, Houghs Neck, Mass., winter 2013.


Thanks to Cee for the invitation to join. I’m supposed to nominate five other bloggers, but the deadline’s today, so that doesn’t seem fair! Instead, I’ll invite you to look at the entries of several bloggers I’ve seen.

First, of course, are Cee’s beautiful photos.

Ailsa, over at Where’s my Backpack, had a great set, as usual.

Milka’s great post.

Some great shots at Canvas of Light, Adventures in Wonderland, Life Part 2, and so many more!

You still have a few hours to get your entry in, so start shooting!

17 thoughts on “Capture the Colour 2013

    • Thanks, Cee. Even if it wasn’t on time, it was still fun to play. Hubby called the sunflower a sarlac (I had to Google it), and his friend refers to the snow shot as “Narnia.” I obviously spend too much time with geeks. šŸ˜‰
      – Angie

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