Covered Bridge

There are 65 covered bridges in New Hampshire. It would be fun to take a few days and visit them all, but I’ll have to settle for peeking at a few when we drove past a few weeks ago, and stopping to enjoy this one. The Albany Bridge near Albany, NH, just off the Kancamagus Highway (say that three times fast).



6 thoughts on “Covered Bridge

  1. I love covered bridges! They are great fun to photograph. I am fortunate that there is one in the county I live in and a few more near in Gettysburg PA, not terribly far from my siblings if the urge hits me. On my list to visit in the next year or two is another one about four hours from me (I’d make a weekend of it). Now I guess I need to add New Hampshire!

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  3. 1) Nice bridge, baby! How long did it take you to grow that one? I hope they never “go away.”
    2) I love the names of eastern counties, cities, and such. The most unique name we have out our way is Pocatello and I am not sure what that means. Poke-a-whata? What IS a Tello, anyhow? #DontAnswerThat
    3) Lovely shot!

  4. 1) the bridge was fully grown before I discovered it.
    2) Idaho’s a strange enough name to easterners. “Idaho? Do you mean Ohio? Iowa?” (and I won’t even tell you how many people have asked where Oregon is. Most think it’s north of Washington, or in the mid-west somewhere. +1 for the education system in the east! Too bad you’re not near Athol, cuz that’s one of my favorite names.
    3) thanks! I kept waiting and waiting for the %#$#^^ people to get out of my frame, but every time one left two more took his place. So, boom. People in my photo.

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