Make Way for Soxlings

One of the most famous landmarks in Boston is the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Public Garden. They are dressed in sombreros for Cinco de Mayo, in Santa hats at Christmas, and now, for the World Series, this.



Seven little ducklings and their mama duck, all decked out in Red Sox jerseys and beards. In our house, we’re calling it “Make Way for Soxlings.” The mama duck’s beard is the shortest – closely cropped, so we’re pretty sure she’s David Ortiz. The duck in the second picture has a long, flyaway beard, so he’s obviously Johnny Gomes.

What do you think? How would you dress the duck family if you had the opportunity?

7 thoughts on “Make Way for Soxlings

    • It’s even more exciting since our daughter’s visiting, and she’s a huge Sox fan. Hubby wanted to go to a bar near Fenway tonight to watch the game and be close to all the excitement, but with the game ending about 11:30, mad crush of people, inability to get on a train quickly/easily, hour’s ride home and work tomorrow, I talked him out of it. I’m a professional party pooper. We’ll go to the parade when the Sox win, instead.

      • Oh! Call in “sick” tomorrow! LOL! That is exciting. I look forward to your parade pics. It’s awesome your daughter is out…yay! Tell her I just had a raging party at your pad back here. ;oP

        • I’m pretty sure half the office won’t even show up until 10 tomorrow. We’ve been walking zombies for the past week. It’s funny that the east thinks its the center of the universe, when, as far as sports go, Mountain Time Zone has it best. Games start about 6, (aka: dinner time in front of the TV) and end between 9 and 10 (aka: bedtime). Here, they start at 8 (getting pretty close to bed time) and end at 11:30 or 12. Who thought that was a good idea? Who lives like that? Most of the year, we watch the first quarter/inning/whatever, go to bed and read about the game in the morning.

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