Travel Theme: Delicate

This week over at Ailsa’s place, the theme is delicate. We are to show photographs that fit the theme, and here are mine.







Each delicate in its own way. If you want to join the fun, find a photograph that makes you think “delicate,” and follow Ailsa’s instructions!

8 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Delicate

  1. Holy shit! You NAILED it! Can’t pick a favourite. I have long “talked about” joining a challenge like this. I need to get my cow-butt in gear and JUST DO IT! That water droplet is what I was trying to capture that got me interested in photography…it’s not an easy shot to nail…and yet? You did it, chica.

    • Water droplets are a huge challenge. I love shooting them. This particular one is among a set I’d love to see someone use as an inspiration for jewelry. Can’t you just see that around someone’s neck, or hanging off their ears? You really should just do it. No time like the present! Though I’m not sure how delicate Chloe is …

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