Freezing Fog

We were welcomed home to Eastern Oregon by an inversion, very common this time of year, which means we don’t see sun, but when the fog freezes on plants, buildings, cobwebs, etc., it makes some very beautiful things. Here are a few photos I made yesterday, walking around our property in the freezing fog.





16 thoughts on “Freezing Fog

  1. Stunning photographs that tell quite a story by saying nothing! The top two photos are my favorite as they are so detailed, defined and crisp and remind me so much of this holiday season! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thank you, Thomas. The second is a favorite of mine. All of this beauty is gone today, as it was blown away by snow and wind. Today, we have sun creating and reflecting off of icicles. I may need to break out the camera!

  2. I have been thinking of you all week! We are almost in the same state! If I knew your family and school weren’t so pressing, I’d pressure you to meet me and Chloe in Boise for a beer. But you are doing quite well where you are, thank you very much! ;oP I am so happy for you and I hope your Christmas is heaven on a stick. Okay, enough of that…now to your stunning photos! Last year, I looked this up. I am NOT shamelessly plugging my blog, I promise…but it’s called rime ice or hard rime. My blogging has taught me shit.

    Merry Christmas, my bloggie-buddy. I hope you are able to extract from your books and settle in for a few cups of rummy-nog!

    • We are almost in the same state! I thought about you when I was on my way to Boise today. If I finish this last paper (and tomorrow’s my deadline, so even if I don’t), I’ll have more free time, so if you wanted to meet halfway (Burley?) after Christmas, that would be awesome. My daughter’s best friend is home in your town for Christmas, so alternately, I could arrange for the two of you to meet, which would practically be the same thing.
      Rime ice. That’s silly. Freezing fog is so much more poetic.
      Those are not door handles. I have no idea what they are. three random pieces of wood nailed to the side of an outbuilding. There are eight narrower ones below those three. I’m sure there’s a purpose, right?

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