It’s Throwback Thursday!

In honor of TBT, I’m going to have a little fun. First, with my dad and brother.


Two and a half years ago, my dad and brother were kind enough to drive across the country with me (and most of my belongings) in a moving truck. One morning, somewhere in Nebraska, we left our hotel to find that right next to it was a Sod House Museum, complete with the World’s Largest Plow (which was disappointingly small). Neither my dad nor my brother would put his face into the toilet seat labeled “just another pretty face” (worst photo-op ever?), but they were happy to pose with this fine painting. The highlight of the museum, for me, were the buffalo, horse and American Indian made entirely from barbed wire.


This was Christmas, 1977 or ’78. Julie’s and my silk jackets were the height of fashion. Santa knew what was up. Santa had also brought the car race track for my brothers, and we even let them play with it! The matching cowboy shirts the boys are wearing were made by my mom. They thought those shirts were the coolest things ever (we won’t talk about Julie’s cowboy hat, which was not).

That was fun. Kinda wish I’d brought some photo albums with me when I moved across the country, so I could embarrass more people.

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