Travel Theme: Blossom

Those of you who follow my blog know that I love to take pictures of flowers, so you can imagine my excitement to see that Ailsa has chosen blossom as this week’s travel theme. Here are some recent blossoms:





Now, THAT is a lot of pink! I normally try to get a wider variety of colors when I shoot flowers, but it seems like the early spring blooms are overwhelmingly pink (except tulips, but I posted a recent – different color – tulip here, along with some other pink flowers, so this purple/pink is all I have left).

In a few short hours, I’ll be on an airplane, headed to meet my professor and classmates for a study abroad program. If you all behave yourselves, I might manage a few posts from Cali, Colombia in the next couple weeks (the most foreign place I’ve ever traveled is Boston, so this could get interesting. Did you know that one dollar is more than 2,000 pesos? That’ll be fun math!).

11 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Blossom

  1. Be safe (I am late to the party…sorry). Have a ball! I can’t wait to hear of your tales. Also? I can’t promise to be good, but I won’t misbehave on your blog…only on mine! ;oP

    • So far, so good. Who knew lizards made sounds that Americans tend to associate with monkeys? Not me! But know I know what keeps waking me up at night. New goal – identify the creature that sounds like a car alarm.

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