In Which I am Surprised to Find a Lizard in My Room

He was too fast for my camera, and ran behind the curtain. I was not interested in moving the curtain to find him. No, thank you.

My first day in Colombia went something like this: Afternoon/evening flight from Boston to Houston, red-eye from Houston to Bogota (pronounced Bowata, btw), – I had no problems finding the bathroom, gate, etc., even though I didn’t understand a word anyone was saying. I quickly discovered that if I said “thank you instead of si, the airport workers immediately switched to English. This was helpful at Customs. One girl helpfully wrote “Gade 6” on my boarding pass, so I wouldn’t get lost.


Arrived in Cali about 8:50 a.m. Tuesday,  and rode for an hour to get to where I’m staying, just outside of Buga, and met up with my teacher, fellow students and translator. The only food place I saw in the airport was a Dunkin Donuts (did I accidentally fly back to Boston?), so I was glad when the people in charge of the place we’re staying kindly fed me breakfast.



Right after breakfast, we started class. All the buildings are conveniently attached to each other by covered walkways, which came in handy during several unexpected rainstorms. Snapped some photos of flora and birds. When we finished class (which I managed to stay awake throughout, despite being awake 41 hours straight, with a couple short naps on the plane),  we drove to Buga, to see the Basilica de Buga, and walked around the streets a bit.


The meals here are HUGE, and they bring us morning and afternoon snacks, milk/juice and coffee. The pineapple juice is excellent. The juice made out of some fruit that resembles a tomato is not. Blech.

Then, up to the terrace – they call it a “salon” (a meeting room with open windows) for beer and chitchat, and then to bed.


I’ve been warned the lizards are very comfortable in the showers here. I tried to prepare myself for the eventuality of seeing one, so I don’t let out the startled scream that’s sure to send everyone running. You’ll be happy to know that when I spotted one on the wall near my window this afternoon, my reaction was to grab the camera, and not to scream. Image

The room is a  little warm, and it’s humid here, though it’s been cool enough, and there’s a breeze. The mosquitoes are quite healthy and hungry.



8 thoughts on “In Which I am Surprised to Find a Lizard in My Room

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! We have a lot of lizards in San Diego and I’m always afraid they’ll try to come inside, even though the outdoors are a lot more spacious.

        • Just have to remember to spray all over for bugs several times a day – not forgetting feet, ankles and the back of my neck. It’s gotten better. I’m taking vitamin B and avoiding bananas (not an easy feat in the tropics), to make myself less attractive to mosquitoes.

          • Did you have to take malaria pills before leaving? I remember going to Panama once and walking barefoot in the grass. Until I saw a giant tarantula a few feet away. And I hate (HATE) spiders. I’m never going to another country with such big bugs!

            • I didn’t need any pills or shots. There were three immunizations which were recommended, but not required by the CDC, so I didn’t have any. Giant tarantula? No, thank you!

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