Ten New Words a Day

The woman who appears to run the place where we’re staying sat down with us at dinner tonight and informed us that we needed to learn 10 new Spanish words every day. She quizzed us on the 10 words we learned today, and we cheated a little; giving her words we knew already, or words we had learned this week (I would have had a great opportunity to learn the Spanish word for epilepsy today, but Translator Fail! – sorry, Henry, I’m just playing!). I did not have to resort to counting to 10 for her, so you should all be as proud of me as I am!

We’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things, but I think the theme today will be vices.


Marijuana, growing in a greenhouse on a finca (farm. Word 1). The family extracts the oils and makes different healing balms from them. I can attest that one of those balms works quite well on sore muscles.


Vino (Wine. Word 2). Non-alcoholic, made from oranges, supposedly packs a punch. In fact, it tastes awful (as does the vino made from sugar cane).


Cafe organico (organic coffee, Words 3 and 4). Muy delicioso (I’ll call those bonus words. I don’t need them).


Pare (stop. Word 5). ST-OPtional. OK, this one broke from the theme, but come on!


Coffee beans (though something tells me these beans are not frijoles. Aaanndd 6).


Cafe fruitas growing on el arbol (fruits, tree: 7 and 8).


Self-explanatory, no? Many things can be made from the coca leaf, including tea, which is said to have many health-giving properties. In the past, tribal elders chewed three coca leaves before meeting, believing the coca gave them wisdom. Then there’s the droga (drug – 9) made from the plant.


Cacao fruitas (cocoa fruits – 10 – I win!). These are where your chocolate comes from. It’s a long, drawn-out process, and the people who do it don’t get paid enough (nor do the people who grow and harvest your morning coffee).

Keep your eyes tuned to this station for much more. Lots of things to do, see and photograph in these parts.


What do you think?

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