Another Showy Bird

Today, we were minding our own business on the patio at our Colombian villa (speaking of showing off), while we were getting pedicures, when a bright red parrot landed less than 200 feet from us. Naturally, I had to get a closer look.


Check out the coloring on the underside of the tail. Awesome!


Eyes open this time! Super fun! We’re even getting some studying done in between photo ops. Goal for tomorrow – iguanas (and if the local monkey wanted to show its face, we wouldn’t say no).

4 thoughts on “Another Showy Bird

  1. Great. I can see your pedicurist slapping her forehead. Fresh paint? YOU wander off after a bird. I hope your muddy toes know I appreciate the photos…and you are right (print this out), the detail on his tail is just amazing!

    • To be fair, it wasn’t my turn at the pedi yet. I was waiting, so didn’t ruin her fine work. Besides, even if she’d yelled at me, I wouldn’t have known what she was saying (unless she used profanity – that was among the first Spanish I learned in my misspent youth).

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