Travel Theme: Cities

Having just returned this evening from one of the largest cities in Colombia, I have a few views from that city to share in this week’s Travel Theme. I’ve also got images from other cities. Great topic, Ailsa!


Homeless men, sleeping in front of a fast-food restaurant, late morning, Saturday, Cali, Colombia.


Homes on a hill, Cali, Colombia.



Stilt-walkers, Cali, Colombia.


Tot, trying to figure a way out of a purse and shoe store.


NOT in Colombia. This poor choice of words is in Quincy, Mass.


Happy days watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston.

If you want to participate in Ailsa’s challenge, go to Where’s My Backpack, and follow the few easy steps!!

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Cities

  1. The stilt walkers are something you don’t see everyday! In complete juxtaposition to the sleeping homeless.

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