Boston’s Caribbean Carnival 2014

We nearly missed it, but today was the Caribbean Carnival festival in Boston. We missed the morning festivities (at which two young women were shot and one died), and instead, attended the daylight event, with heavy police presence. As always, we enjoyed ourselves, but this year, we found ourselves in an odd location; both blocked from taking photos by support staff, and in a sun/shade area, in which it was difficult to get the camera settings to be appropriate for what it was seeing. Here are some of my favorites of both participants and observers of today’s parade.

The parade Grand Matron.

The parade Grand Matron.

Batman, and his blow-up friend, Batman, waiting for the parade to start.

Batman, and his blow-up friend, Batman, waiting for the parade to start.

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Duxbury Fisherman at Sunset

Tonight, Hubby said, “do you want to go for a walk? I’ve used up the area around here. We should go somewhere else.” I agreed, put on shoes, hit the car, and, three hours later, we were in Duxbury, at some wood bridge he’d heard of before. Not sure how 15 minutes of walking and shooting on/from the bridge counts as a walk, but that was our (very long) evening. At sunset, I saw this kid call his dad over because he needed help pulling a fish off the hook to throw back. “It’s a baby bluefin,” he told his dad. I’ll have to take his word on that one.



Good day, despite the stop at Wendy’s (blech) and the fact that they got my order so completely wrong, it’s not even worth mentioning, and the fact that our evening walk turned into nearly 4 hours of driving and only 15-ish minutes of walking/stopping to take photos. Don’t want to complain or anything …

Not-So-Super Moon

Tonight, we climbed the viewing tower at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, hoping to capture an awesome photo of the Supermoon rising over the city of Boston. Instead, it was so hazy, we weren’t able to see the moon until it was quite a distance above the skyline. Very disappointing. Nonetheless, we were able to make some images, and these are my favorites.



Hopefully others who attempted to get that shot had more luck with the atmosphere than we did.