Patriots Victory Parade

Somehow, I forgot to share with you photos from the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory parade earlier this month in Boston. Forgive me, please. Here are a few of my favorites.





Fans waiting for the parade to begin. The group in the picture just above was on one of the upper floors of the huge Boston Public Library, unfortunately, Gronk didn’t appear to see the sign when he drove past.


Team owner Robert Kraft, checking his makeup in the reflection from the Lombardi Trophy.




Town hero Tom Brady and his middle child.




Random players (your guess is as good as mine – I’m not a Pat’s fan, and besides, they always wear helmets!).



Julian Edelman (or as Sports Illustrated recently called him, “Julius”), seemed to be having a good time.




More random players, the last two, updating their Twitter, presumably.


Fun with names. Also, he (LeGarrette Blount) was on, I believe, the far right three pics up. You may remember him from that game a few years back when his Oregon Ducks lost to the Boise State University Broncos, and LGB took issue with something a Bronco player said, and slugged him, in front of a running ESPN camera. Sadly, his 15 minutes of fame did not end there (also not a Duck fan. Or as I like to call them, *ucks).


Team party animal Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, seconds before he took off his hoodie and tossed it into the crowd.

Fun day, and not too cold, which was nice. And, it was two or three blizzards ago, so there was only three feet of snow on the ground.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

A couple weeks late for this challenge, but to say we’ve been snowed in would be a gross understatement. The fourth major snowstorm to hit the northeast in, I believe, 22 days, visited us this weekend in the form of a blizzard named “Winter Storm Neptune,” and dropped two feet of snow on top of the 7-8 feet we already had at our house. Waking up yesterday morning, I was glad that our house is built on an elevated basement; otherwise, our doors would both have been completely covered in the drifted snow. Today, we dug out from our back stairs to our cars, then added a path through which the cars will be able to leave and enter the driveway. These photos give some idea of the depth of the snow we’re dealing with.




Making this even more difficult to deal with, my friends and family from home find it amusing to let me know that it’s in the 60s there, and spring flowers have started blooming.