Sheepshearing Festival

You know it’s going to be a good day when you go to a sheepshearing festival (in Waltham, Mass.), and the first animal you see is a goat. Huh? Later, in a pen with a bunch of sheep who were either waiting their turn to be sheared, or who had already gotten the treatment was a very large ram, with horns that curled around 2 1/2 times. A bystander said, “Look, that sheep has horns!” Someone near her said, “Yes, it’s a ram.” She said, “So, it’s not a sheep?” I get it: we’re not all country folk. It was still funny, though!


We started with a lace-making demonstration.



Followed by a sheep herding demonstration.



Then we got to the main event. Old-fashioned (non-electronic) shearing.

3 thoughts on “Sheepshearing Festival

    • It was really fun! Very commercial – so many booths selling things, but there were also Revolutionary War re-enactors, and shearing with and without motors. We were in a big hurry (taking daughter to umpire a softball game), and wish we could have spent more time. Really fun event!

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