Further Travels in Italy

Tonight, my study abroad program comes to an end, with a big party in the piazza, for my classmates, teachers and Cagli locals. Tomorrow, most of us will take a bus back to Florence, where we will split up; some traveling a bit more within Italy, some traveling to other European locales, and still others flying home to the United States. I will take a train to Milan, where I have a rented apartment waiting for me, and where I will spend three nights before flying back to the waiting arms of my family.

While here, our group has traveled to Assissi, Urbino and Rome, as well as exploring Florence and getting to know the village of Cagli and its residents.

These are some of my favorite images from Cagli:

IMG_9287 IMG_9289 IMG_9282 IMG_0626 IMG_0726 IMG_0731 IMG_0804  IMG_0906

The dogs are truffle dogs – truffles are a big thing here, and frequently hunted, found and harvested.

The first picture is the sun setting over Old Cagli from the bridge which separates it from New Cagli (and such luxuries as water pressure, air conditioning and wi-fi).

As always, click on any picture to see the image larger, and thanks for stopping by!

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