Sandhill Crane Enjoying the Sun


We often see this crane, or another just like it, on one of three poles in a field just a short drive from our house. Today, I had the camera ready.


Red-Tailed Hawk

Often seen in pairs in the older trees around my house, and occasionally perched on telephone poles.

red tailed hawk

Soon, the tulips will bloom, and I’ll have photos other than birds to share.

Snow Goose

snow goose

Between power poles Roswell, Idaho.


Snow Geese Over the Marsh

IMG_0285IMG_0292Stopped by the bird refuge/marsh near our house on the way home from *paying job!* this evening. The snow geese weren’t interested in posing, or even holding still. They flew away the minute they saw me. And there were thousands of them.




Went out behind my house last night, trying to chase down a hawk that was hanging out in a tree, and got sidetracked by this guy. A quail. I shall name him Dan.