Failed Snowy Owl Hunt

We took our cameras out to the Mass Audubon wildlife preserve on Plum Island today, in search of the elusive snowy owl. We were unsuccessful in our hunt, but we did see a large number of snowy plovers, so that counts for something, I’d like to think.




Cute little guys, aren’t they?

Life as Art

Some beings have the privilege of being things of beauty – admired by everyone who looks upon them (Gisele). Sometimes, they’re kind of stuck up about it.


This morning, we left our home for the past week to drive an hour south to Cali. We’re staying on the grounds of a Jesuit university where we’ll be for the next week. This gorgeous peacock, and others like him, wander the grounds day and night, in search of admirers. I’d say mid-afternoon was successful for him.