Observations from the Piazza

For our writing assignment, we were asked to observe a scene on Cagli’s piazza, take notes, write a few paragraphs, and leave ourselves out of the story. Unfortunately, I did not make any images of the scene about which I wrote, so I’ll give you a few of my favorite photos from our time here, instead.


He moved as fast as his short legs could take him, pulling his hand from his mother’s and running to the gelato stand. His curly red hair sticking out in all directions, the boy strained to reach high enough to see into the glass display case. He stands his blue tennis shoes on end.


His mother, in her bright, multi-colored top, stood away from the tables, blowing cigarette smoke away from the groups of people. Her long, tanned, shorts-clad legs crossed as she casually surveyed the scene on the piazza.


She dropped her burned-out cigarette to the cobblestones and strode to a table where another woman and baby waited. She called to the boy, who reluctantly shuffled away from the gelato display to join the women, his feet moving much more slowly, the toes of his shoes dragging on the cobblestones.


Shortly after, the women and children walked slowly away from the gelato stand, one woman pushing a red stroller, the other carrying the baby. They talked animatedly while the boy hung his head in silent lament. No gelato today.


Stranger in Milan

I’m having a battle with my computer, so allow me to pre-apologize for the errors which are bound to happen.

Once again, my graduate program has provided me the opportunity for a fantastic study abroad program (not study a broad – I checked); this time, in Florence and Cagli, Italy. I flew into Milan late last night and spent much of today walking around, exploring, and crashing a wedding.

Some of my favorite images are here:


OK, you got me. This was not Milan. It was the Boston-to-Istanbul leg of the journey, and this little one was enthralled by Turkish Air’s flight safety video.


Flower girls. I did mention I crashed a wedding, right?


No idea what this little one’s role was. She walked down the aisle just before the bride’s parents, and stole the show.


Bridegroom, awaiting permission to enter the church.


The bride, in all her glory. That veil kept going, and going, and going …


The couple at the altar of a fabulous church.


Some detail from the church.



If someone can explain to me why Baby Jesus lives inside Saturn, I’m listening.


A little public art in the piazza in front of the church.


Looking down a side street at men selling knock-off purses.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow involves a train trip to Florence, and the possibility of photos along the way.

As always, click on any picture to see it larger. Thanks for visiting!

Fun with Kites

Today, we went to the Franklin Park Kite Festival, outside Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo. Lots of small children running and running (or “wunning and wunning,” to hear them tell it), often in the wrong direction (with the wind) and often at their parents’ instruction. It’s been a looong time since I flew a kite, but as I recall, once it’s flying high, you can stop running, and stand in one spot. Not these kids. The higher the kite got, the faster they ran (with the wind. Sigh). Still, a lot of fun, though.














As always, to enlarge a photo, click on it.

Do you have memories of kite flying as a child, or with your children? This event looked like it was a lot more fun for the parents than the kids. As I often observe at this sort of event, parents work very, very hard to make sure their kids have a good time, and most of the time, the kid would be happier playing with a box.


Patriots Victory Parade

Somehow, I forgot to share with you photos from the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory parade earlier this month in Boston. Forgive me, please. Here are a few of my favorites.





Fans waiting for the parade to begin. The group in the picture just above was on one of the upper floors of the huge Boston Public Library, unfortunately, Gronk didn’t appear to see the sign when he drove past.


Team owner Robert Kraft, checking his makeup in the reflection from the Lombardi Trophy.




Town hero Tom Brady and his middle child.




Random players (your guess is as good as mine – I’m not a Pat’s fan, and besides, they always wear helmets!).



Julian Edelman (or as Sports Illustrated recently called him, “Julius”), seemed to be having a good time.




More random players, the last two, updating their Twitter, presumably.


Fun with names. Also, he (LeGarrette Blount) was on, I believe, the far right three pics up. You may remember him from that game a few years back when his Oregon Ducks lost to the Boise State University Broncos, and LGB took issue with something a Bronco player said, and slugged him, in front of a running ESPN camera. Sadly, his 15 minutes of fame did not end there (also not a Duck fan. Or as I like to call them, *ucks).


Team party animal Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, seconds before he took off his hoodie and tossed it into the crowd.

Fun day, and not too cold, which was nice. And, it was two or three blizzards ago, so there was only three feet of snow on the ground.