I’ve been gone

for a while. No promises that I’m back, but I have a couple photos to share, and some stories.

This lady has been guarding the tomatoes in my garden. It’s mid-August, they’re finally ripening, can I have one?

We planted approximately 21 tomato plants, and are getting 3 ripe toms every other day. This summer is the worst. Our tomatoes have killed most of the lavendar plants, and I haven’t seen a single bloom on a pepper. We do have one bloom on the many zucchini. Carrots are four inches long, so that’s something.

In other news, our granchild came to visit for an overnight this weekend. She is not quite 18 months old, lives 40 minutes from us, and this is (by my count) her fifth visit to our house, and second overnight. She was so overwhelmed with all the new things, she didn’t stop to have a book read to her. She ran to grab a book, handed it to Grandpa, ran to grab another book, handed it to him (repeat x3), then, when he decided to start reading, did the same with Grammy. I tried to get her to sit with me and read, but … so much to see and do! After having her here so few times, I was worried there wouldn’t be enough to keep her occupied. There’s a dresser with two drawers of entertainment that she didn’t have time to let me show her. One of these days, that dresser will be the equivalent of my own Grandpa’s top dresser drawer, where his “pet whale” used to leave chocolate gold coins. That is one of my favorite memories of my grandpa, who left us too soon.

One Word Sunday: Champs

My local high school football team won the state championship for the second time in the school’s 80-year history. These men are champs. IMG_4153

This is a very brief recap of the last four minutes of the game, which my team was behind or tied until an 80-yard pass and run play. OMG. This game was exciting. A couple days afterward, we found out the superintendent of the opposing team’s school was in a serious car accident on his way home from the game. I am not one who prays, but the thoughts, vibes and prayers of our team and its fans were with him. We’ve heard he recovered and has a good prognosis, and we are all so relieved! The state championship game is so emotional for both teams and their fans, but to add such a thing to the equation makes it so much more emotional!



Travel With Intent has challenged us to show a photo with the color red. I have a couple red favorites.


After a rainstorm in Akaroa, New Zealand, December, 2019.


A man on a float during a water parade (people on floats and audience members try to out-water-gun each other), takes self-defense to a new level.